If you are looking for the security of a strong community and want to rent affordable living space or an attractive apartment that is ideal for an individualist, then you have come to the right place! And if you want, we can be there for you your whole life long.

Whether you are looking for your first apartment, a large apartment for the whole family, an attractive maisonette, or well-kept, assisted accommodation in our senior citizens’ residences – our association has it all. If you are buying or selling property, we are also the reliable partner for you. Our experience, expertise, know-how and our dedicated team are at your disposal for everything to do with property – it’s what we do.

An old flame is rekindled 

FAB - 130 years old, and younger than ever! We are an important part of Flensburg’s history. Not just because of our age, but also because we have made a significant contribution to shaping various districts of our hometown.

In recent years there has been somewhat of a renaissance of the cooperative idea. As part of this “back to the roots” trend, the cooperative idea is being increasingly revitalised. Nowadays there seems to be a distinct need for neighbourliness, and this is becoming increasingly important. Self-help, self-management and self-responsibility, the pillars of the cooperative idea, are values that our society is in urgent need of, and are gradually becoming more “in”.

We have stepped up for the benefit of our members under the motto “Community makes sense”, and have created a new quality of coexistence. We want to do our bit in bringing people “inside” and people “outside” a bit more together again.

Experience a strong community!

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